2013 April

Proud Asparagus: Feature Guest Recipe

Foreword by April Williams I am so proud of this asparagus. You have no idea. I received an email with a photo of the plate and the writing you see here from a colleague at one of my client offices. This particular colleague has, for the past 3 years, been inspecting my lunches. Out of […]

What I’m Learning about Busy People

Last Friday, the air pressure was high and a storm was rolling in. The day consisted of several peak highs and lows for me beginning with a tango with my 7-year-old and him having to write “I will not say ‘who cares’.” ten times. It should have been 100. The evening brought a loud, heavy downpour […]

How do you Hydrate?

You’re probably walking around dehydrated right now and you don’t realize it. Since your body is comprised between 50-70% water,  all its functions are highly dependent upon it. Almost every movement of your body down to the cell-level all the way up and out to the sweat involve water in some way. Here are some […]

Shopping for Groceries on a Bicycle

  This past weekend, we decided Saturday we’d go car-free. That’s right… no cars. This is not such a big deal for us, as we live walking distance to a thriving quasi-urban neighborhood that has supermarkets, restaurants and parks. One of us ALMOST gave up first thing in the morning anticipating a grueling 2.5 mile bicycle […]

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