2014 March

Eating Really Well Can Be Really Expensive… right?

Eating well can be expensive and time consuming… if you don’t plan ahead and aren’t vigilant about your goals. Most people can’t afford to spend oodles of time or money on their health, but there are lots of ways to work within their means. In fact, if you know where to look, tips and tricks […]

3 Oil Free Dressings – 3 Ingredients Each

I visited one of my favorite client offices today, where they’d asked me to do a “demo” of something healthy. Channeling my Grandmother’s wonderful ability to demonstrate food and chat up a crowd, I brought a few of my favorite tools and ingredients to build a dressing. Every evening we eat at home, there is […]

Quick Garlic Crunch Slaw

A friend of mine told me that she found a brussel sprout, broccoli, kale, cabbage slaw blend at Trader Joe’s recently. Well, I make the semi-weekly journey to TJ’s (also known as “Joe’s” and one of my “boyfriends”) and I did NOT see it. Today, however, I found it scrunched between the Power Greens and […]

Just Beet It

OK, so I’m a huge lover of vegetables as most of you know. The other week I was out for a jog and saw a young woman jogging that was wearing an adorable shirt. I came home and googled it and voilà! Lettuce Turnip the Beet appeared available on etsy. Husband = not amused. Sisters […]

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