It’s my birthday and all I want is a cookbook

After a successful gelato and cookie party for my husband’s 40th birthday recently, I’m looking forward to my own coming up in just a few short weeks. All I can think about between school work, house work and community events are vegetable recipes. Seriously. Some people have other hobbies or things they do to relax like shopping (ok I do that one too, but less and less and mostly online!), getting their nails done or partying. For me, I’ve been picking purslane, which magically appeared in my garden – supposedly it’s a weed!, and missile-sized zucchini from that dinosaur plant in my back yard. I’ve been colluding with friends about green smoothies and drafting vegetarian meal menus. Do you sense a trend?

Now, what I really want for my birthday is a cookbook… from you! Please send me, as a 40th birthday gift, your favorite vegetable recipe with a story of its roots, pun intended. One sentence will suffice, but if there’s a tale behind those dishes, I want ’em! Photos are also welcome!

Give me something to chew on! If you don’t have one, go find your closest relative who enjoys cooking and take dictation. You know the aunties, uncles and grandmas who are passionate about their kitchen, garden and family history. I’ll post them here if you email me directly at or you can simply comment on this post.


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