Bonnie’s Minestrone

I make this soup for my family all the time. Freezes well, and can even be made in the crock pot. Very simple. You can add seafood at the end like a Manhattan clam chowder. Add some spice if you want.





Beans, pink, black, garbanzo, or white.


Canned Tomatoes

Oregano, Salt and Pepper, Basil




Chop up onions, carrots and celery. Start sautéing them in a large pot. Add garlic

Rinse off canned beans and leave on the side. Add broth, canned tomatoes, use

both chopped and whole. Break up the whole ones a bit. Add salt and pepper to

taste. Add dried oregano. Cook for a while to make everything blend nicely. Add

as many beans as you want, I usually add about 2 or 3 cans, maybe a white and a

pink. Maybe I also add a can of garbanzo.

Cook a while more.

Add greens, like kale, or a hardy green, if you want to use spinach, put that in

closer to the end.

Taste and readjust as needed.

Make pasta separately if you are not going to serve the whole thing at once. Use a

small tubular pasta.

Last minute, add fresh basil if you have it. Put pasta in bowl, pour soup over it and

if you have put on a dollop of pesto. Add lots of parmigiana cheese. Garlic bread

is good also.

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