Healthy Kids Lunchbox

Packing lunches for kids (and picky ones like mine, especially!) can be really challenging. My son’s school is having a series of wellness events this week and I was inspired to see what’s out there in the area of lunchbox packing. Like everything else these days, there is a paralyzing amount of information about all aspects of kid’s lunches – from supplies (bento boxes and military-grade canteens) to actual food products and recipes. I’ve compiled a brief list of links that stood out to me and I’m including them here. I encourage you to check out Pinterest if you’re looking for ideas. Images speak volumes!


Proud of your super-streamlined-happy-kid-lunchbox-packing? Shoot me a pic and I’ll post it on the blog!


  • Remember to hydrate! Here is a great workbook parents can print at home and do with their kids. Particularly if you’re working to cut out excess sugar in their diet or help with the #2’s… not drinking enough water is always the biggest culprit – even in adults.


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